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Triumph Technology Solutions Canada

Triumph Technology Solutions Canada

July 11, 2022 – Triumph Technology Solutions, LLC. (Triumph Tech), an AWS Consulting Partner and cloud services provider, announced today its expansion into Canada and the formation of its Canadian Business Enterprise: “Triumph Technology Solutions Canada.”

The creation of Triumph Tech Solutions Canada marks a major achievement for the cloud computing company, one that demonstrates Triumph Tech’s proven expertise in the delivery and implementation of AWS cloud service solutions.

Being able to extend their building, scaling, and deployment proficiencies to a delivery zone outside of the U.S. promises opportunities and growth-potential for all involved. “Triumph Tech is excited about our commitment to bring our AWS Cloud expertise to our Customers in Canada,” says James Barlow, Founder. “And we’re excited to hire local engineers to support our Canadian delivery team.”

Over the next 12 months, Triumph Technology Solutions Canada plans to add 24 local positions to their delivery and sales staff. To attract AWS-knowledgeable talent, Triumph Tech will be offering competitive, top-level benefits and a host of positions focused on tailored, efficient cloud strategies and AWS services.

The growth of the cloud computing industry is on the rise, and Triumph Tech’s expansion into Canada is helping bring AWS cloud knowledge and practices to a global population.

About Triumph Tech – Triumph Tech is an Advanced Tier Amazon Web Services Partner focused on helping customers leverage the capabilities of the AWS cloud in order to achieve operational excellence, security, reliability, performance, and total cost optimization. “We keep our head in the clouds so you don’t have to.”

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