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Triumph Tech Donates $25,000 to The Lighthouse STEM Program

Triumph Tech Donates $25,000 to The Lighthouse STEM Program

Philadelphia, PA – February 2 – On Thursday, January 12th, Triumph Tech generously donated $25,000 to The Lighthouse 1893 nonprofit to help create the new Guiding Light STEM program, a curriculum designed to empower at-risk kids in Kensington, Philadelphia.

The program will be patterned around helping equip children with the skills they need to thrive in an ever-changing digital world. It will also provide opportunities for students to develop their communication and collaboration skills, two competencies increasingly valuable in the workplace. The program will emphasize values such as creativity, critical thinking, and resilience, helping children develop a growth mindset and become lifelong learners and problem-solvers.

This much-needed program, which is slated to launch this spring, will consist of mentorships, STEM projects, financial literacy, and violence protection lessons.

“Our team can help these students build out skills which can ultimately lead to, in my opinion, the greatest career in the world,” said James Barlow, Founder of Triumph Tech, while describing the current shortage of digital engineers in the tech field.

Eric Lurie, VP of Sales, agreed that exposure now to science, technology, engineering, and math can have an enormous impact on these children’s future later. “Triumph Tech is helping the kids get access to laptops, technology, hot meals, and sports. The Lighthouse is showing them that there are options available outside some of the things happening in the streets of Philadelphia.”

About Lighthouse Field: Founded in 1893, Lighthouse Field provides educational, recreational, cultural, social, and economic improvement programs to families to improve their quality life.

About Triumph Tech: Triumph Tech’s specialty is the Cloud and working with AWS as a preferred partner has allowed them to collaborate closely with the best digital teams in the business.

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