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Triumph Tech Comes to Canada

Triumph Tech Comes to Canada

Triumph Tech is bringing their Amazon Web Services (AWS) expertise to Canada!

This month, Triumph Technology Solutions, LLC, is expanding its delivery and service zone to include the Canadian provinces. This marks a major achievement for those at the company, who view growth alongside the AWS and cloud computing industry as an essential step in the service and delivery possibilities of the future.

Expansive Reach
Triumph Tech is excited to bring its history, knowledge, and skills to the Canadian AWS cloud market. Why? Because being able to extend cloud service proficiencies to a delivery zone outside of the U.S. promises new opportunities and different avenues of growth-potential for all involved.

According to Amazon Web Services CEO Adam Selipsky, the cloud computing industry is “just getting started.” Seismic growth and global reach are all within arm’s length. Over the next several years, Selipsky says, we’ll see further and further expansion as – essentially – all IT is poised to move from physical infrastructure to the cloud.

Triumph Tech’s push into Canada is a part of this expansion, and their proven expertise in the delivery and implementation of AWS cloud service solutions is now available in multiple delivery regions.[/vc_column_text]

Watching the Company Grow
Watching their cloud-computing company grow over the years has been an incredible experience for founders James Barlow and Victor Raymond, and being able to witness the creation of “Triumph Technology Solutions Canada” can’t help but get them excited for the future.

Expansion, optimization, and fostering local talent are all on the table. Whether it’s migration, data & analytics, machine learning, DevOps, needs of high-performance render farms or AWS virtual cloud studios, automation, or management of digital workflows, Triumph Tech is there to help customers locate, construct, and deploy effective cloud solutions.

Local Talent
The creation of Triumph Technology Solutions Canada allows Triumph Tech to expand its customer base, as well as offer opportunities to local engineers. Over the next 12 months, two dozen positions will be added to delivery and sales teams, and local, Canadian engineers and talent will be offered positions with top-notch benefits, flexibility, and limitless growth-potential.

“We’re excited about our commitment to bring our AWS Cloud expertise to our Customers in Canada,” says James Barlow, Founder of Triumph Tech, adding: “And we’re excited to hire local engineers to support our Canadian delivery team.”

Triumph Tech is always on the lookout for the next batch of cloud computing talent, and entering into the Canadian marketplace is a terrific opportunity to find the innovators and workers of tomorrow.

The Future
Whatever tomorrow does hold, Triumph Tech and Triumph Technology Solutions Canada will be there to help build and bring businesses to the next level. That’s their promise to their clients and their commitment to the full suite of AWS services.

About Triumph Tech – Triumph Tech is an Advanced Tier Amazon Web Services Partner focused on helping customers leverage the capabilities of the AWS cloud in order to achieve operational excellence, security, reliability, performance, and total cost optimization.

“We keep our head in the clouds so you don’t have to.”

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