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Triumph Tech offers specialized HPC Content Creation solutions and Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting for enabling VFX Studios virtually limitless cloud resources responsibly. Triumph Tech’s custom services help organizations shorten cloud adoption time, automate results, accelerate time-to-market, reduce risk and get answers faster.

Triumph Tech, in partnership with AWS, offers a set of solutions that help creative studios scale rendering workloads, workstations for artists and editors, and storage workloads for hybrid or full cloud pipelines.

Digital Content Creation on AWS


Virtual Workstations

Many creative studios are thinking about how to expand their workforce to take on more (or larger) projects. With virtual workstations, studios can quickly scale creative talent up and down for a specific project or time duration using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) G4 instances.

AWS's global footprint with more availability zones and regions than any other cloud provider enables access to new talent pools and allows you to tap into creative talent almost anywhere in the world. AWS’s rapid innovation provides you with the latest software and hardware, enabling consistently high performance for your artists and your studio.

Triumph Tech has the experience with VFX Studios and Enterprise business to effectively design, plan, and implement your expansion into AWS. We will Design and implement custom workstations in order to meet the demands of your artists.


Cloud Rendering

Artist time is more valuable than machine time. Studio productivity goes down when waiting for renders to iterate on a shot or scene. Using the cloud for rendering workloads means artists are spending more time iterating to improve the shot or scene, and less time waiting for their renders to finish.

Rendering on AWS provides you with the flexibility to control how quickly you want to complete your project. Once your rendering pipeline is integrated with AWS, you can scale rendering workloads to thousands, or even tens of thousands, of cores in minutes. You can also scale down just as quickly as you scale up, providing incredible compute elasticity and cost control.

Triumph Tech's experience in building out cloud rendering solutions for our customers, has allowed them to stop saying "no" to new business. Contact one of our Cloud Rendering Specialists today in order to setup a Free Proof of Concept.

Cloud Storage Solutions

AWS delivers the best solutions for data storage and transfer. Utilizing cloud storage for virtual workstations, in particular, keeps your assets flexible with the ability to archive or render when you need to and prevents potentially high egress costs and latency issues. Since content creation is file-based, you need a file-based storage solution that can scale—and whether your pipeline is hybrid or full cloud, storage is a key ingredient for success.

Triumph Tech will ask all the right questions in order to understand which storage solution is best for your studio. We leverage AWS Native Storage solutions such as FSX for Windows and Linux as well as 3rd party storage solutions like Qumulo. Additionally we offer build-your-own solutions on Amazon EC2 using NFS/CIFS, ZFS, or GPFS. Reach Out Reach out to one of our VFX Specialists today to get started.

Free Studio in the Cloud Proof Of Concept

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Cloud Migration Services
Triumph Tech and Thinkbox have come together in order to give your Studio best-in-class service on AWS in order to help you begin your cloud adoption journey. We are offering free Proof of Concepts which will allow your organization to see what it's like leveraging the Studio in the Cloud on AWS. As a part of this POC, we will:

    Setup and Deploy Thinkbox Deadline
    Create custom workstation for your artists
    Deploy Render Fleet
    Setup Shared Storage Solution
    Provide Detailed Cost Analysis

By leveraging Triumph Tech and Thinkbox, your organization will understand how to expand your current capabilities by taking advantage of the unlimited scalability of the AWS Cloud. We will not only setup all of the required infrastructure for you to run your "Studio in the Cloud" but we will also work with your team and provide detailed cost reporting so that you will know the business impact of migrating your rendering workloads to the AWS Cloud.

Let Triumph Help You:


Scale rendering capacity

With the compute capacity of AWS, rendering doesn't have to be a bottleneck for creative studios to deliver projects on time. This ability to scale also means studios can take on more work and render more projects at the same time.


Go Hybrid or Full Cloud

AWS and Deadline support hybrid or full cloud rendering, providing studios with flexibility when deciding how to scale production workflows.


Reduce capital expenditure

Rendering on the cloud means you only pay for what you use, and the expense becomes an operating expense. Scale your compute power up and down without worrying about what to do with all of the assets you acquired once the project is complete.

Leverage EC2 Spot Instances

Amazon EC2 Spot Instances are available at up to a 90% discount compared to On-Demand prices. For example, if you have 1,000 frames to render, the cost of rendering on 1 Spot instance for 1,000 hours or 1,000 Spot Instances for 1 hour is approximately the same. You decide how much time you want the rendering to take and spin up the number of instances you need to finish the job in your timeframe.

Our AWS VFX Product Expertise

Deadline is a render management solution created by Thinkbox Software to help customers optimize on-premises resources and scale to the cloud. The latest version of Deadline includes AWS Portal, a set of features that help customers take advantage of the scale and availability of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) using the familiar Deadline Monitor interface. Manage render tasks on-premises, hybrid, or completely on the cloud with Deadline and AWS Portal.

AWS Thinkbox Deadline

Nimble Studio

Render Farm Development Kit (RFDK)

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