Microsoft on AWS

Run .NET and Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Move Windows Technology stacks and applications “as is” in the cloud while leveraging AWS Elastic Compute Cloud’s (EC2) scalability. Running Amazon EC2 instances for Windows workloads offers powered consistency.

Acquire business agility, high performance, and lower costs with the wide variety of born-in-the-cloud AWS services inside EC2’s highly secure cloud environment.

Comprehensive Security

AWS provides 210 key features and security, compliance, and governance services – nearly 40 more resources than the competition.

Lower Costs

Receive major savings through hardware efficiency with Serverless and containers.

Reliability Everywhere You Are

AWS provides the best global infrastructure with 69 Availability Zones (AZ) across 22 Regions.

Deep AWS Integration

Integrate your Windows Server environment with AWS Managed Microsoft Active Directory (AD).

Get Instant Benefits from the Cloud

EC2 for Windows offers greater reliability and faster performance.
Profit from efficient AWS Services for Windows workloads.

Triumph Tech Advantages

AWS Centered

Company began in Cloud Services and earned accreditations across different AWS services with over eight years of experience.

Proven Accelerator

Remove risk and accelerate the migration of your Windows workload to the AWS Cloud with 20+ PB Assessment & Migration Toolkits.

Database Migration Experience

Receive expertise that includes 15+ PB data migrated and managed to AWS to date through successful Big Data Analytics Projects.

Certified Talent

Partnering with Triumph Tech includes our ever-growing knowledge from over 100 AWS Certifications.

AWS Competencies

AWS DevOps Competency.
Cloudformation Service Delivery.
Service delivery partner for Amazon EC2 for Windows Server.
Advanced Tier Amazon Partner Network consulting partner.

Individualized Service

We work closely with you for your success.

Our Superpowers

– Discovery & Assessment
– Migration Readiness Assessment
– Gap Analysis
– Future State Architecture

– Greenfield Deployment
– Migrating .NET applications to AWS
– SQL Server Databases to AWS
– Migrating SharePoint, Skype, Exchange on AWS

– Cost Optimization Strategies
– Performance Optimization
– Post Migration Optimization

– 24/7 Support & Incident Remediation
– Guidance on upgrading to a new release
– Fully Managed Infrastructure
– Periodic Security & Compliance Audits
– Monitoring & Reporting

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