AWS Control Tower

AWS Control Tower set up new multi-account AWS environments and govern at scale. With AWS Control Tower, cloud administrators have peace of mind knowing their organization’s accounts are compliant with established policies while builders quickly provision new AWS accounts.

Receive the benefits of rapidly deploying containerized applications with AWS, a modern deployment pipeline with Triumph Tech.


Configure a new AWS Environment setup easily

Configure AWS security and management services to govern your environment with the best practices.

Service Control Policies

Enforce your policies using service control policies (SCPs) and detect policy violations using AWS Config rules with Control Tower

View Top-Level AWS Environment Policies

Control Tower provides you with an integrated dashboard. View a top-level summary of policies applied to your AWS environments with Control Tower’s integrated dashboard.

How It Works

Triumph Tech has the #1 Internal AWS Partner Score in the US Triumph Tech with Amazon Web Services to deliver the best-in-class services to your company in any phase of your cloud adaptation journey.

Ensure AWS best practices with the Management & Governance Lens.

Set up and easily govern a secure, multi-account AWS  environment, called a landing-zone, with AWS Control Tower. For more information on the BoCT program, read more here.

The Management and Governance Lens (M&G Lens) provides perspective guidance on how to manage your AWS workload environments to be migration-ready, scalable, and cost-efficient. Read more about the AWS Management & Governance Lens program here:

AWS Management & Governance Lens

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