Amazon QuickSight

Scalable, Serverless, Embeddable

Cloud-Enabled Machine-Learning Business Intelligence Service

What is Amazon QuickSight?

Amazon QuickSight is a scalable, serverless, embeddable, machine learning-powered Business Intelligence (BI) service built for the cloud.

QuickSight lets you easily create and publish interactive BI dashboards that include Machine Learning-powered insights. Access and seamlessly embed dashboards from any device into your applications, portals, and websites.

Automatically scale to tens of thousands of users without managing infrastructure or planning for capacity.

QuickSight is the first BI service to offer pay-per-session pricing. Cost-effective for large-scale deployments, pay only when users access their dashboards or reports.

Triumph Tech ensures that your business uses the full capacities of Amazon QuickSight to your competitive advantage.

Ease Of Use

Renders beautiful graphs, pie charts, scatter plots, heat maps, and pivot tables.

Find Answers Easily With Amazon Quicksight

Enter questions using natural language and receive answers in seconds.

Gain Clear Insights From Machine Learning

With machine learning, summarize in plain language your business metrics and predict outcomes such as anomaly detection or forecasting without data science experience.

Collaborate On Any Device

Access QuickSight from any browser or iPhone app and securely share rich visualizations with key points and conclusions.

Embedded Analytics

Seamlessly view and author dashboards within your applications with QuickSight.

No Server Maintenance With Quicksight

Zero servers to provision and manage. No software to install, maintain, nor operate.

How It Works

Triumph Tech has the #1 Internal AWS Partner Score in the US.

Partnering with Amazon Web Services, Triumph Tech delivers best in class services to companies in any phase of their cloud adoption journey.

These services include : Data Lake and Warehouse, AI Services, Advanced Analytics, Data Assessment, Machine Learning, and Managed Services.

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