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How Triumph Technology Solutions help startups and SMBs land and expand in AWS

How Triumph Technology Solutions help startups and SMBs land and expand in AWS

Triumph Technology Solutions and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are committed to aligning to and addressing the business and technical challenges of startups and small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). For the context of this article, a SMB refers to a business with less complex IT needs and fewer number of employees compared to an enterprise organization. A startup refers to a new business, typically with a limited budget and or resource availability to launch a product or service. Our experience in working with customers of this size has revealed that challenges are often presented in the form of technical debt or lack of resourcing to remain steadfast on their cloud journey. Specific themes which drive cloud migration and modernization from the field for businesses of this size include cost of infrastructure, ability to scale and innovate, and security. While these challenges are not the only ones that SMBs and startups face, by working together with AWS and Triumph Technology Solutions, an organization will be able to understand the cost of cloud adoption as a whole.

Triumph Technology Solutions provides a Solutions Architect on Demand. By leveraging this AWS Marketplace Offering, an organization will receive a free consultation from a subject matter expert (SME) solutions architect. For SMBs that have existing workloads in AWS and are looking to scale for future growth and cloud adoption, Triumph Technology Solutions will work with them to help pave the way for their cloud modernization journey. Modernization refers to the process of shifting from an infrastructure and technology shop to an intellectual property shop. This means enabling an organization with the necessary tools to focus on delivering value through building applications and services rather than having to focus on deploying infrastructure to support these products. By leveraging AWS serverless services SMBs can realize the immediate value of a modernization effort at scale. By moving from virtual machines to containers to finally serverless services, many organizations will save the time and money associated with hosting a self-managed infrastructure. Visit our CallEvo case study to see how Triumph Technology Solutions can help your organization on the journey to modernization.

Triumph Technology Solutions, AWS, and startups are the match made in cloud heaven. By leveraging some of the above listed services, startups can also realize the value of launching their infrastructure in the cloud. Unlike their mature counterparts in SMBs, startups might not have existing AWS workloads or infrastructure deployed in AWS, thus, the road to modernization can be much shorter. Startups are able to mitigate capital expenditures such as data center racks by using AWS’ pay-as-you-go-pricing. Additionally, startups have the ability to use the AWS Activate program which provides them with credits, tools and resources to grow their business and technical adeptness on AWS.

By partnering with an AWS and Premier-Tier Partner such as Triumph Technology Solutions, SMBs and startups will be able to understand the value cloud adoption and modernization. While we understand that technology is a critical component of an organization’s change management and strategic decision making, our goal at Triumph is to understand an organization’s core challenge as it relates to AWS. This allows our architects and engineers to provide your organization with a Well-Architected solution that follows AWS and Triumph’s best practices as it relates to the design and implementation of AWS architecture and services.

Geoffrey West, Customer Solutions Architect

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