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Honesty & Leadership : How Triumph Tech Grew its Cloud Computing Business


Honesty & Leadership : How Triumph Tech Grew its Cloud Computing Business

In a recent podcast, Victor Raymond, one of Triumph Tech’s founders, discussed his company’s core tenants, what differentiates them from their competitors, the qualities of a good leader, and how the Covid-19 pandemic helped them to grow.

They also talked about the idea of community, as well as the importance of engagement and candor with those around them. “Leaders need to possess honesty,” Victor explained to Mike Dowling, host of the podcast Do Hard Things, and the mind to not only listen to honest feedback, but act on it.

Building a Business

Triumph Tech is a cloud-computing business, an AWS consulting partner that offers everything from migration services to machine learning. They specialize in automation, app modernization, and containerizations. Victor and business-partner James Barlow founded the company after they saw an opportunity in the not yet crowded marketplace. “There was too much work and not enough good people to deliver this work,” Victor said.

Victor, working in staffing, knew sales, and James, who ran a high-level DevOps consultancy firm, knew the engineering, the tech. Cloud computing was the future, as was the AWS ecosystem, and both Victor and James wanted to be involved to help drive businesses to the cloud.

So how exactly did Triumph Tech grow? They looked to the changes around them, Victor explained. A solid business plan, high-performance computing skills, and the ability to improvise when needed were all important to Triumph Tech’s success.

Pandemic Adaptation

The Covid-19 pandemic presented challenges for many businesses, but it acted as an accelerator for Triumph Tech, who were able to overcome the very real hardships to their and their clients’ benefit. “We were born remote,” Victor explained, describing how they never had an office, how their staff was distributed across the country. Initial adjustments were needed, of course, but Triumph Tech soon realized they were in a unique position to help.

In a year when seemingly everything moved online, in-person interactions became almost non-existent, and working from home soared, Victor and James were able to see how this new normal would ripple throughout their field. Businesses would need assistance modernizing, updating, and Triumph Tech could offer their expertise and help these companies adjust to the future.

“Our core values are so aligned to AWS,” Victor said when talking about their work in cloud computing. A positive impact on those around them is important, and open, honest communication in a rapidly changing word is crucial.
Their clients agree. Over the past 6 months, their customer retention rate has been an incredible 95 percent.

Big Parties: That’s For Ego

When asking the question about growth, don’t discount the influence of leadership. An honest company starts with an honest leader, but only if they’re open to feedback and change. “We want you to be brutally honest with us,” Victor regularly tells his employees. Why? Because those open lines of communication are what help a business truly mature.

For Victor and James, the business is focus #1. “Why spend money on a big party?” Victor muses when recollecting a competitor’s lavish company event. “That’s for ego.” Triumph Tech is after something different, more community oriented, and is intent on maintaining itself as a business that puts its employees and customers first.

Free Agent

Triumph Tech works without a master behind them. They’re not after a one-size-fits-all approach. And since they don’t believe in grabbing as much money as possible from each client, they tailor their approach to each customers’ needs. What better way is there to help scale a business?

Triumph Tech offers prospective clients a host of options for their own growth. Cloud computing is a seemingly endless field. Whether there’s a need for cloud migrations, data & analytics insights, or AWS service guidance, Triumph Tech wants to be there to help each partner forge their own path ahead.

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