Wed, May 4th, 2022

1:00PM EST

APN Advanced Consulting Partner

DevOps Guru Activation Day

Sign up for a session with AWS + Triumph to walk through the benefits of Amazon DevOps Guru and get help activating DevOps Guru in your environment.

We will discuss:

Benefits of DevOps Guru
Get help activating DevOps Guru
Earn up to $250 AWS credit towards the first month
of DevOps Guru

Devops Guru

DevOps Guru is an ML-powered service that makes it easy for developers and operators to automatically detect issues, improve application availability, and reduce expensive downtime—no machine learning experience required.

James Barlow

President and Founder of
Triumph Technology Solutions.
James Barlow has over 10 years of experience implementing AWS products into production workloads

Vic Raymond

Chief Executive Officer of Triumph Technology Solutions. Victor has over 17 years of experience in technology-based leadership roles. He has built successful online sales software for self-owned businesses and has navigated several successful company acquisitions.

Brayan Marin

DevOps Engineer of Triumph Technology Solutions. Brayan served as a Big Data and Data Science recruitment consultant for over 3 years with a strong focus on AWS, before turning to DevOps space.

Lucy Hartung

Senior Specialist at Amazon Web Services. Lucy focuses on improving application qualification and availability by leveraging AWS DevOps services and tools. In addition, she is interested in accelerate services adoptions with AWS partners.

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