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Customer Obsession in the Amazon Partner Network (APN)

Customer Obsession in the Amazon Partner Network (APN)

I was talking to a new-hire salesperson today who reached out to me for some help and guidance. In the series of questions that she asked me, there was one I found very interesting. It was a question that I thought everybody already knew the answer to, but thinking about it, it gave me pause.

She asked me, ”why doesn’t AWS do the work themselves? They’re such a big company, why would they need people like us, [Triumph Tech, a systems integrator], for any of it?” She was genuinely perplexed by this. Then, I thought, how many of our customers and other businesses must be thinking the same thing?

It’s no secret; AWS is a massive organization and they are fantastic at what they do. Given the sheer volume of business that AWS conducts, it’d be impossible for them to do all the work by themselves. How could they deliver on every project, every time? Even though AWS has a Professional Services Department, the average wait time is approximately three to six months before a customer can meet with a technical resource. With this kind of wait time, AWS would be missing out on an enormous amount of business and revenue if they didn’t have their own partner network.

That’s why AWS leverages top-tier partners like Triumph Tech (TT) who can provide ample resources quickly for customer-facing calls and solutions for real-world problems. This speaks to AWS’ customer obsession. And what better way to help every customer than to work with partners who are Systems Integrators like Triumph Tech. Not only is TT certified to do the hands-on-keyboards work, but our average lead time before customers can meet with a technical expert is just a few days! (I’ve seen it as little as a few hours too depending on the urgency of the customer.) When customers are ready to move forward with projects, it only takes TT approximately seven to 10 business days to staff the project and kick it off. What’s more is that customers who work with Triumph Tech can get access to AWS funding that they couldn’t otherwise access themselves.

The whole Amazon partner ecosystem is just brilliant and it’s one of the many reasons why AWS is the gold standard in cloud services. Paired with the right partner, your business could grow leaps and bounds into the new year! Reach out to me directly to learn how Triumph Tech can help your business with its cloud migration journey!

Sabiha Malik, Sr. Account Executive

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