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Wyebot Modernization & IoT Data Ingestion


Wyebot Modernization & IoT Data Ingestion

James Barlow

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Wyebot Modernization & IoT Data Ingestion


As they scaled, Wyebot needed to modernize their current technology stack and single EC2 instance deployment model.

Company Profile

Wyebot is the leader in AI-driven WiFi automation, leveraging AI technology to end the time-consuming, manual process of network optimization, restoring time, money, and energy to IT teams and their companies. Wyebot accomplishes their mission through the use of custom-made Internet of Things (IoT) enabled sensors.

Customer Challenge

Wyebot engaged Triumph Technology Solutions to assist in modernizing their existing technology stack into an architecture that is resilient, scalable, and cost effective. Wyebot expressed concerns over their existing monolithic, single EC2 instance deployment model and its ability to scale as they added more customers and sensors.

Proposed Solution and Architecture

Triumph Tech proposed to write terraform code to automatically create the following: Client VPN, VPC (including subnets, etc), ec2(s), RDS databases, and Lambda.

Outcomes of Project & Success Metrics

The customer now has a robust mechanism for changing existing infrastructure. The ability to rapidly create/tear down infrastructure enhances their business agility as disposable environments can be created to try out new code/processes. The customer can now also access their servers & databases securely.


Lessons learned in further stages: the application could be moved into a better platform such as ECS/EKS. The customer was not ready to adopt Aurora completely.

Customer Quote

“The really valuable thing Triumph Tech made for us is the Terraform-controlled ‘AWS environments’ that encapsulate our Amazon services so we can make all the environments we need: real, test (with the RDS database or the Aurora options), production, temporary, bigger or smaller, in the East, the West, or in Europe. It is so easy to create, tweak, test, and then tear down when we’re finished testing. Triumph Tech really knows how to organize and build the fundamental tools for managing a cloud-based architecture. I really wish we had this when we first got started; we could have hit the ground running and kept all the focus on our own product development.”