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Rendered AI: Cross-Account Machine Learning Architectures


Rendered AI: Cross-Account Machine Learning Architectures

James Barlow

Company Name
Rendered AI
Case Study Title
Rendered AI: Cross-Account Machine Learning Architectures


Company Profile

Rendered AI is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for creating synthetic data. Designed for data scientists, engineers, and developers, with Rendered AI you can generate synthetic datasets for ML/AI training and validation.

Customer Challenge

Rendered AI needed a robust ML architecture to allow clients to control their AWS spend while also allowing them to leverage the power of data generation. To achieve this, Rendered AI required automated AWS services to create synthetic data by using compute and storage in client accounts.

Proposed Solution and Architecture

Triumph built a serverless API which allows Rendered’s customers to link their account and provision experiments hosted on Sagemaker instances in their customers account. Experiment status is reported back to Rendered’s account with AWS best-practices in security. This allows customers to set up synthetic data creation, perform experiments, and see progress within Rendered AI’s platform, but by using AWS resources within their own account.

Outcomes of Project & Success Metrics

Rendered AI needed a secure, reliable, and scalable ML architecture to provide compute and storage services within their clients’ AWS accounts, but initiated from Rendered AI workflows. To accomplish this, Triumph Technologies designed and built a secure, cross-account ML architecture leveraging native AWS services.

Customer Quote

“Triumph Tech took the time upfront to understand both our technical needs as well as the business needs that drove this project. That lead to efficient and high-quality execution from their team with strong partnership throughout the process.” – Nathan Kundtz CEO and Founder of Rendered.Ai