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AWS Transfer Family Delivery

AWS Transfer Family Delivery

May 26, 2022 — Triumph Technology Solutions, LLC. (Triumph Tech), recently achieved the AWS Transfer Family Delivery pilot partner status, an accomplishment that recognizes Triumph Tech’s extensive expertise in the service and delivery of AWS Transfer Family to their clients.

By helping users seamlessly transfer files and digital assets to and from the AWS storage servers, pilot partners have shown a high-level of competency in providing businesses with efficient solutions for their file transfer needs. Whether it’s dealing with issues of scalability or storage, Triumph Tech has proven their technical mastery in the management and automation of their clients’ digital workflows.

“Triumph Tech is excited to be one of the first partners in the world to have the AWS Transfer Family Service Delivery designation,” said Victor Raymond, CEO. “We are excited to work closely with the AWS Transfer Family’s service team to deliver secure scalable solutions to our customers using AWS Transfer Family.”

The AWS Transfer Family Delivery pilot program recognizes Triumph Tech as an essential public partner whose efforts in leading clients to the AWS service delivery path continue a long, proven history of customer success.

About Triumph Tech – Triumph Tech is an Advanced Tier Amazon Web Services Partner. Triumph Tech is focused on helping customers leverage the capabilities of the AWS cloud in order to achieve operational excellence, security, reliability, performance, and total cost optimization. “We keep our head in the clouds so you don’t have to.”

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