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August 8 – Triumph Technology Solutions, LLC (Triumph Tech) is now offering – in conjunction with Alert Logic – Managed Detection and Response security coverage on the AWS Marketplace.

Triumph Tech’s goal is to ease cloud security concerns pre or post breach by offering 24-hour comprehensive protection and reporting through cutting-edge threat intelligence, incident analysis, and managed intrusion detection. Combined with Alert Logic’s white glove attention and cybersecurity expertise, companies are given tailored solutions, as well as actionable intelligence and information.

After a threat is discovered, clients utilizing the service are guided through the steps necessary for current and future defense and increased security.

In addition to MDR, Triumph Tech and Alert Logic offers container environment protection for ECS, EKS, AWS-deployed Docker & Kubernetes, Elastic Beanstalk, and CoreOS, as well as log management integration with various AWS-native security services.

For more information or scheduling questions, you can find out more on the AWS marketplace listing. Customers can also reach the security team at Triumph Tech at for a consultation or a quote.

The AWS marketplace is a premier service provider for businesses and companies to “find, buy, deploy, and manage third-party software, data, and services to build solutions and run their businesses.”

About Alert Logic — Alert Logic is an award-winning managed detection and response (MDR) provider with “ coverage for public clouds, SaaS, and on-premise and hybrid environments.”

About Triumph Tech — Triumph Tech is an Advanced Tier Amazon Web Services Partner focused on helping customers utilize the capabilities of the AWS cloud to achieve operational excellence, security, reliability, performance, and total cost optimization.

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