Cloudformation Vs Terraform


Yes another Cloudformation vs Terraform Article! When we speak of the DevOps and continuous delivery/integration (CI/CD) toolchain, we’re referring to a superset of tools—many with overlapping capabilities—for helping organizations achieve faster and safer deployment velocity.  This encompasses a broad range of solutions: provisioning tools, orchestration tools, testing frameworks, configuration management (CM) and automation platforms, and more. Comparisons between CM products … Read More

How to Determine an Optimal DevOps Approach for Organizations


General Recommendations Cloud-based services are incredibly capable and powerful but require an ongoing commitment by all parties involved. New AWS services are being added at a near-exponential rate while refinements to previous service capabilities continue to change. Each client’s needs and aspirations are unique and must be addressed in exquisite detail as there is no standard approach available. How to … Read More

Use AWS Datasync to Migrate your On-premise Windows File Server to Amazon FSx


Migrate to AWS FSx Maintaining an on-premise Windows file server involves numerous time consuming tasks and their associated costs, including the original costs of purchasing the hardware and software, additional costs for hardware and software updates, hiring staff to maintain the system updates, patching, backing up, monitoring and so on. This post will teach you how to Migrate to AWS … Read More